Teen Period Kit


Our period-proof undies look and feel like regular underwear but have the power to absorb your period and prevent leaks. Made from comfortable cotton which is quick-drying and super soft, bringing you next level comfort.

This snug fitting range prevents leaks when performing more active movement & sporting activities. Say goodbye to annoying leaks and hello to a new period with Fluxies Teen! 

  • Holds 4 Tampons / 28ml
  • Wear For Up to 10 Hours 
  • Lightweight and Quick-drying

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Our period-proof undies are like your BFFs—they’ve got your back and keep you comfy all day long. Here’s the lowdown on how they rock:

Multi-Layer Magic: Picture this: layers on layers of awesome. Our undies have a special system that keeps you dry and cozy no matter what.

Moisture-Wicking Wizardry: Say buh-bye to feeling sweaty and sticky. Our undies whisk away moisture, so you stay feeling fresh all day long.

Absorbent Avengers: Leaks? Not on our watch! Our undies have a superpower core that locks in fluid, giving you bulletproof protection.

Leak-Resistant Rockstars: No leaks, no drama! Our undies have your back with a barrier that stops leaks in their tracks, so you can strut your stuff with confidence.

Breathable Bliss: Who wants to feel like they’re wrapped in plastic? Not you! Our undies let your skin breathe, keeping you cool and comfy all day.

So, there you have it—your new fave undies that blend tech and comfort seamlessly. Say hello to a period with peace of mind and style!

Let’s talk care instructions for your period-proof undies. It’s as easy as pie—promise!

Wash with Love: Pop those undies in the machine on a gentle cycle, max 40°C, with a mild detergent. Hang ‘em up to dry—no tumble dryers, please! And steer clear of bleach to keep those colours poppin’!

Made with the good stuff: 95% Organic Cotton for that dreamy softness, plus 5% Elastane for the perfect stretch. The gusset lining? Yep, you guessed it—same soft Organic Cotton blend. And that leak-proof gusset? It’s 100% Microfibre with TPU magic.

Safe and Sound: Rest easy knowing our undies have no added PFAS and have been tested for all the yucky stuff. They’re certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, so you can rock them worry-free!

Ready to show your undies some love? Check out our guide on how to care for them like a pro.

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Comfort, uncompromised.

Tried and tested by over 200,000 people


Breathable and super-soft

Experience ultimate comfort with our breathable, ultra-soft fabrics.


Reusable and washable

Wear, wash, and reuse for many years to come.


Natural all day odour-control

Stay fresh all day with our odour-neutralising fabrics.


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Got questions?

Q) Can I wear Fluxies all day without other period products?

A) Yes! Fluxies period pants have three built-in layers that absorb your flow, control odour, and prevent any leaks! Find out more about how period pants work.

Q) How many pairs will I need?

A) We always recommend starting with our Teen Period Kit, which includes all three styles of period undies in one kit. But, you can start with as many as you like!