Do Period Pants Smell? Everything You Need to Know.

Do Period Pants Smell? Everything You Need to Know.

Period pants are a popular reusable alternative to traditional pads and tampons. They are designed with special materials that trap menstrual blood, stopping leaks and stains. But, one of the main concerns with this special underwear is the possibility of them smelling.

In this blog post, we will answer the question many people ask: Do period pants smell? We will also provide the best tips on how to prevent your period pants from smelling.

First, what are period pants?

Period pants, also known as period underwear, are specially designed underwear with absorbent layers that trap menstrual blood and prevent leaks. They come in lots of different styles, including High-waisted, Thong, Bikini, and Boyshorts. These pants are made with a combination of fabric, such as cotton, TENCEL, spandex, and polyester, to make them breathable and comfortable.

How does period underwear work?

Period underwear looks like normal underwear, but includes a built-in gusset made from layers of fabric, including a moisture-wicking layer that helps keep you dry, an absorbent layer that traps blood, and a waterproof layer that prevents leaks.

When you wear period underwear, the menstrual blood is absorbed into the absorbent layer of the underwear, where it is held in place by the waterproof layer. This means you don't have to worry about leaks or accidents. Period undies are designed to be reusable, and can be washed and dried like regular underwear, making it a more environmentally friendly option than disposable pads and tampons.

Our period pants come in different styles and absorbencies, from Super Light flow to Super Heavy flow, and have up to four layers of absorbent material, making them ideal for heavy flow days.

Do period pants smell?

Reusable period pants are still a new concept, and it can take a while to get used to them after using disposable pads and tampons for so long. One of the questions we get asked is whether period pants might start to smell after using them for a while. The short answer is no!

It is important to note that the smell from period blood is usually caused by bacteria that thrives in moist and warm environments. Our period pants are made from breathable lightweight materials, which means bacteria cannot build up, and there are no smells!

If you notice your period pants start to smell, this could be because they are not being washed properly or left to sit for a long time after use. The smell is caused by the buildup of bacteria and menstrual blood that is not properly washed away.

How to stop your period pants from smelling?

To prevent your period pants from smelling, there are several things you can do. Firstly, make sure you change your pair of period pants regularly, just like you would with disposable pads or tampons. It is recommended that you change them every 8-12 hours, depending on your flow.

Secondly, make sure you wash your period pants properly. We recommended you wash them in cold or cool water on a delicate cycle, as hot water can cause the fabric to break down and lose its absorbency. Also, avoid using fabric softener, as it can leave a residue that can trap bacteria and cause them to smell. Instead, use a mild detergent and don't use bleach.

Thirdly, after washing, make sure you hang your period pants to dry. Avoid using tumble dryers, as high heat can cause the absorbent and leak-proof layers in the fabric to break down, reducing the effectiveness of the underwear. The best way to dry period pants is to hang them up and let them air dry naturally. You can also put them on the radiator to speed up the drying time.

Is there anything else you should be doing?

Apart from changing and washing your period panties properly, there are other things you can do to prevent any smell from building up. One of these is to wear breathable clothing that allows air to circulate freely. Tight-fitting clothing can trap heat and moisture, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Another thing you can do is wash your period pants as soon as possible after use. Leaving them to sit for a long time after wearing them can cause bacteria to multiply, leading to an unpleasant smell. If you can't put them in the washing machine straight away, rinse them until the water runs clear to remove any menstrual blood and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Finally, consider hand washing your period pants! Hand washing can make sure they are thoroughly cleaned, and reduces the risk of smell. To hand wash, soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes, then gently rub the fabric to remove any stains. Rinse thoroughly, and hang to dry.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. To wrap it up, period pants do not smell, but it is important to change your period pants regularly and wash them regularly to keep them fresh and clean for years to come!