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Not tried these ones yet but look comfy x

Great, comfy x

Great Knickers just stain easy x

My package got lost in delivery and it was hard to get a refund from them.

Love!! Sizing was a bit off with one of them but otherwise other items are very comfortable.

It is absolutely perfect for my granddaughter. She loves wearing them 💖. Highly recommend to everyone who has a teenager.

Material seems to have changed and really different shape to previous purchases

Really good quality period pants. Don’t feel bulky and still look pretty.

Superb product

Fabulous, comfortable period swimwear! I love them! They make swimming during my period so much easier and much more care free.

Definitely not the best if sitting around had leakage within a couple of hours on a lighter day

Sleep Short

So comfy

does its job really well and looks great! however because of the absorbant nature of this bikini it does also absorb a lot of water which makes it feel uncomfortable and almost heavy and also makes it look a but bulky, still super happy tho as ive finally found an alternative to tampons

These are a God send as I have been having extremely heavy periods. Nice & close fitting but comfortable & you feel dry whilst wearing them. Definitely recommend!

These were requested as a gift for a friend who is already a purchaser of the products and rated them as 10/10

I didn’t like the fit

Sleep Short

Little small for me, but the design is perfect otherwise

Sleep Short

Very helpful

Sleep Short

Even better than expected

Just what I needed.

Did like fabric and design , but got very upset when all three pairs of Seamless Hiphuggers felt apart in side seam in couple of days after first uses and gentle wash . I have contacted Fluxies on 24.8.2023 , report problem, provided photos, but disappointing respond from them is not resolved at all. For many days they requested more and more photos, like I am their personal fashion photographer. Useless customer service. I had disposed of faulty products and wasted money. I definitely not recommend this for purchase to anyone. Disappointing costly product is defective and and end in trash. Apparently it is better to try cheaper products and in the cotton version with proper stitching instead of glued side seams heated tape as it was designed. Shame to Fluxies team items did not hold up even 30 days from purchase.

Worst quality ever. Surprisingly the seamless hiphuggers felt apart in seam side after first uses and washing . I have purchased 3 pairs , correct size and been looking forward to have something comfortable as described in some reviews. After the purchase I was impressed by softnesses of material, pattern shape , but my surprise turn awry when the very expensive products felt apart in short time. I did contact seller and

NuStretch Brief - One Size
Natalie Vanrooyen
Absolutely in love.

Just tried these for the first time. They are incredible. Soft, comfortable, and compact. I've been using period pants for years but yours are next level. I won't be wearing anything else in future. PErfect for someone like me whose size fluctuates significantly due to bloating. Thanks for making my periods better!!!!

NuStretch Brief - One Size
Jessica Thompson
Just perfect!!!!

These are incredible!!

Seamless Thong
Flow: Heavy
Products used: FLUX Undies, obvs!, Tampons, Disposable pads
Good fit and comfortable

Great for that extra bit of coverage you need at the end of your period or between periods that still feels super comfortable. I love wearing mine, so much so that I’ve now bought quite a few pairs!