How You Can Save Money on Our Reusable Period Products

How You Can Save Money on Our Reusable Period Products

We know how frustrating putting together a budget can be, especially if you’re running out of sanitary products and you need to buy a new box or packet. We also don’t want you to have to fret or get upset at the idea of having to cross something else off your shopping list to make room for them. This is why we’ve written out this guide on all the ways you can save money with our reusable period products!

Read on through to see how our cost-effective period products can help you with your monthly spend, or take a look at some of our other answers to questions here on our website. 

To start off, what makes our menstrual products reusable?

Our menstrual products are all reusable because we make sure they’re made from plastic-free, completely washable materials! This keeps them looking and feeling fabulous and means that, with one quick chore we all have to do, they’ll be ready and waiting for the next time your period comes around. 

Looking after your reusable period undies is as easy as three simple steps, too. We think it’s even easier than washing out menstrual cups, and they’ll definitely be comfier if you’re more used to wearing pads, or even if you’re buying for a tween who’s only just starting their cycle for the first time and has never had a period before.

If you’d like to learn more about how period pants work, or if you want to know how to wash period pants before you buy your own, all you need to do is read what we’ve got set out on our advice page. Trust us when we say that a good wash will keep all your pairs looking as fresh and new as the day you first bought them! 

How will these reusable period products help you save money? 

They’ll save you money because you won’t have to even think of buying other products, of course! All of our period underwear collections are designed to last for three or more years before you should consider replacing them ‒ that’s at least 36 months of periods you won’t have to buy pads or tampons for! 

With just four pairs of our reusable period products, you could save yourself the money it would normally cost to buy a whole pack of tampons or pads every month, for this entire time. This should cut your spend per cycle from an average of about £3.33 to £1.89. That’s cutting your yearly spend on products from nearly £40 to just under £23 if one pair lasts three years!

Think of what you could treat yourself to with the money you’ll be saving over all that time, and know that while you’re enjoying that little bit of extra cash to spend you’ll also be saving the planet. This is because, unlike pads and tampons, fully washable period undies won’t go to a landfill once they’ve been used, and we always make sure to use sustainable materials in the pairs that we provide. 

Our best sets of reusable period products to replace disposables 

All of our period underwear products are 100% washable, so no matter which ones you choose you can be sure you’ll save some money off buying new disposable products every month. But we also understand if you’re not sure where to start with our collections.

That’s why we’ve listed out the best sets for you to buy instead of different disposable ones, so you can see which undies you’ll need to get (and only once!) instead of products you’d have to buy again and again and again… 

Period underwear to use instead of panty liners

Who knew you could save on something as simple as a panty liner? And with something like a thong? We definitely can! Our collection for the lightest flow possible on your period holds up to a whole tampon’s worth of menstrual blood, while staying seamless and discreet under your clothes. So, if you need to be out and about for a few hours during the day you can simply slip a pair on and head out. There’s no need to buy anything else!

Period underwear to use instead of disposable pads and tampons 

You might end up spending a lot of money every month on the menstrual products you know work for you, depending on how light or heavy your flow is. The more your menstrual cycle takes out of you, the more you’re going to have to spend on making sure you’re kept dry, comfortable, and feeling your best for every day of it. 

This is why we have sets of undies for all kinds of flows and occasions! Whether you’re on a light, moderate, or heavy day of your period, we’ll have the pairs that are bound to suit you. Once you’ve bought yourself some sets of these undies, you won’t be thinking about buying anything like disposable pads or tampons again for a long time to come!

All of these pairs hold between two and four tampons’ worth of flow, so you can easily have the day you’ve planned without any fuss or frustrations about needing to get changed. No more carrying around an extra pad or a tampon in your purse, pocket, or bag!

Period underwear to get you through the night 

We know exactly how it is, needing different kinds of pads for nighttime use, and we know just how much your budget can take a hit from having to get two separate packs instead of one. This is where we’re glad to step in and help cut the cost for you every month with our super heavy flow collection! 

These super-soft, super-absorbent short style pants are designed to be worn for up to 12 hours, making them perfect for overnight use and a night of comfortable sleep. You won’t have to worry about buying oh-so-many packs again, and you won’t find our undies slipping or twisting in the night and not catching your flow. 

You can even help others save money, too

In 2017 alone, 137,000 school-aged students in the UK alone missed school because they couldn’t afford sanitary products, and the problem only grows if you look at the wider world. Two-thirds of women can’t afford to buy pads in Kenya, and it’s more recently been reported that there has been a rise in the number of people in India who’d be willing to give up essentials in order to afford sanitary products.

We don’t think this is acceptable, and we want it to change.

That’s why, when you save money on your own menstrual products by buying period underwear from us, we’ve set it up so you’ll also be helping someone else to save money they might not be able to afford to spend on some for themselves. As part of our scheme for giving back to the world and ending period poverty, we aim to donate a reusable sanitary product to a person in need every time someone buys a pair of our undies from one of our collections.

They may be as far away as Malawi, or as close as right here in the UK, but your contribution will make all the difference all the same. With new, reusable menstrual products tucked safely away somewhere in their homes, the people you’re helping will never again have to worry about the money they’d spend on getting disposable ones. They can go to work or to school in security and comfort, and come home to wash and reuse their products for the next time.

Save cash and stay stylish and comfy, every month

We have lots of different ways that you can save money, and they all start with you choosing the pairs of period underwear you know will look best on you. 

No matter which set of fashionable, form-fitting knickers you pick out, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable, leak-free month, every month for years to come! Just do it exactly as we told you ‒ wear a pair, change them when you’re done, then bung them in the wash and hang to dry. Pop them back in your underwear drawer, and repeat on your next cycle!

You won’t even have to think about money for menstrual products for a long time, and we’ve got a 60-day money-back guarantee if it turns out they’re just not for you. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our budget-saving underwear collections and have yours shipped anywhere you need (UK or worldwide) today!