How To Survive Your Period When Camping or at a Festival

How To Survive Your Period When Camping or at a Festival

Picture this: you're all set for an exciting camping trip or festival, but then you realise – your period is joining too. With some handy tips, you can enjoy the great outdoors or dance your heart out at festivals without any worries.

In this guide, we'll show you how to handle your period like a pro, whether you're camping or at a festival. Say goodbye to period worries and hello to carefree camping and festival fun!

Be Prepared: Pack Your Period Essentials

Before you hit the road, make sure you've got your period essentials packed and ready to go. Remember to bring a supply of tampons, pads, or period pants – whatever you feel most comfortable with. To make things easier, carry sealable plastic bags or a washbag. Don't forget to include painkillers to ease any period cramps that might creep up during your adventure.

Go Leak-Free: Prevent Period Accidents

Worried about leaks during your camping or festival activities? Invest in reliable period products designed for active days. Menstrual cups or period-proof underwear are reliable options for staying leak-free while on the move.

Our period underwear looks and feels like regular underwear, but is specially designed to absorb menstrual blood and prevent leaks. Period pants can be worn for up to 12 hours without any leaks. This makes them a great on-the-go option for festivals or camping when you need something comfortable and reliable.

Dress Smart on Your Period

If you're at a festival or camping on your period, comfort is key. Choose loose-fitting, breathable clothing that allows for easy movement.

Dark-coloured clothing can be a smart choice to hide any accidental period stains. Layering is also important, as the temperature usually goes up and down during outdoor adventures. And don't forget to pack a comfy blanket for those chilly evenings.

Embrace Natural Pain Relief

If you're a fan of herbal remedies, consider bringing along some soothing chamomile or ginger tea to help reduce period pain. Warm drinks can have a calming effect on your muscles, making your camping or festival experience even more enjoyable.

If you prefer over-the-counter pain relief, make sure that you remember to pack painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. This will help keep your PMS symptoms at bay so you can focus on enjoying your experience.

Stay Hydrated: Water is Your Friend

Staying hydrated is important, especially during your period. Dehydration can make cramps worse and leave you feeling tired. Carry a reusable water bottle and drink plenty of clean water during your camping or festival adventure.

Eco-Friendly Options: Consider Sustainable Period Products

Are you an eco-conscious camper or festival-goer wondering how to prevent period leaks? Consider using reusable and eco-friendly period products. Menstrual cups, reusable period pads, and period underwear reduce waste and can be washed and reused for years.

Be Mindful: Leave No Trace

Whether you're camping or attending a festival, remember to practice Leave No Trace rules. Get rid of your period products properly and respect the environment around you. Carry eco-friendly bags to dispose of used products, and always follow the rules set by festival organizers or camping sites.

What should I pack for camping?

When packing for camping, make sure you have all the essentials to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Here's a checklist of items to pack for your camping adventure:

  • Shelter and sleeping gear: Tent, sleeping bag, camping mat or mattress, pillow, extra blankets.
  • Clothing: Weather-appropriate clothes, warm layers, waterproof jacket, extra underwear and socks, comfy walking shoes, camp shoes.
  • Personal items: prescription medications, basic first aid kit, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, suncream, insect repellant, towel and washcloth.
  • Food and cooking supplies: Portable stove, cooking utensils, food and snacks, cooler with ice packs, water bottles.
  • Entertainment and practical items: Camping chairs, headlamp, flashlight, camping knife, map, trash bags.
  • Period products: If you're on your period, you'll need to pack period products. Consider packing period pants for a hassle-free experience. Period pants provide built-in leak protection and can be worn on their own or with other period products. They are comfortable, easy to clean, and provide extra peace of mind during your camping trip.

What should I pack for festivals?

Here's a checklist of items to consider packing for festivals:

  • Festival Essentials: Tickets and ID, wristbands or passes, cash and cards, festival schedule.
  • Clothing and accessories: Weather appropriate clothing, extra clothes, hat or cap, sunglasses, bandanas, lightweight jacket.
  • Footwear: Comfortable shoes or trainers, flip flops or sandals, socks.
  • Personal items: Suncream, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, towel and wash cloth, prescription medications, basic first aid kit.
  • Personal hygiene items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap.
  • Electronics and gadgets: Mobile phone with portable charger, camera, earplugs.
  • Food and drink: Reusable water bottle, snacks, resuable utensils.
  • Comfort and convenience: Camping chairs, lightweight backpack, crossbody bag, blankets.
  • Period products: If you're on your period, you'll need to pack period products. Consider packing period pants for comfort and convenience. Period pants offer built-in leak protection, and there is no need for additional products. They are discreet, easy to clean, and provide peace of mind throughout the festival.

Final thoughts

Don't let your period ruin your camping or festival fun! With smart preparation and the right period products, you can enjoy every moment without worry. Embrace your experience and get ready for an incredible time filled with dancing, exploring, and making memories.

Remember to pack your bags with your period essentials, including comfortable and reliable period underwear. Period underwear is a hassle-free option that keeps you feeling comfortable and confident throughout your outdoor escapades.

So, go ahead, dance like nobody's watching, explore like an adventurer, and have a blast during your camping and festival adventures.