What are Period Panties?

Different styles of period underwear products

They’re your answer to a happier and stress-free life! Our reusable, washable underwear is designed to completely replace disposable pads and tampons, giving you protection when you need it most.

Read our guide below and you’ll find a few great tips on how they work, the benefits you’ll get from wearing them, and how to take care of your own once you’ve made the switch.

What exactly are period panties?

Period panties are a special kind of underwear that is designed for you to use while you’re on your period. Some people also call them period pants, period undies or period underwear. They’re made to be a reusable, completely sustainable replacement for disposable products such as pads and tampons, while offering a level of comfort some might not be able to find or achieve with products like menstrual cups.

They look and feel like regular pairs of knickers, so you might not be able to tell them apart from an ordinary set right away, but there is a difference in how they’re made. Period panties will have extra layers and fabrics in the crotch in order to absorb as much blood as needed while the wearer is going through their time of the month.

Some wearers prefer to use period panties on their lighter days only, keeping them as a backup product if they have a heavier period than they expected. However, it’s possible to use period underwear for all types of flow ‒ with the right brand, of course! At FLUX Undies, we’ve created a range of undies that are just right for any flow, at any time of day or night, so you’ll never have to worry about shopping around for the clean comfort you need.

What are period panties made of?

Period panties can be made from a range of different fabrics, but the ones we provide are made from modal material. It comes from beech trees, and it’s just ideal for creating underwear products that you need to last. It’s soft, strong, shrink-resistant and super easy to care for ‒ isn’t that just magic?

Making our panties with modal material even makes them that little bit more sustainable! This is because beech trees are renewable crops and are considered carbon-neutral when taken from a responsibly managed source. The material is also biodegradable, so once it’s reached the end of its life, it can safely return to the earth.

How do period panties work?

To make them absorbent enough to last throughout your day, most pairs of period panties will have at least three layers tucked into them that hold multiple tampons’ worth of flow. Because we want all our customers to feel as comfortable and fresh as possible, our products offer this as a guarantee.

Each layer of protection in our period panties has its own purpose in helping you to stay clean, fresh, and dry throughout your day:

  • Moisture wicking ‒ the top layer of each pair wicks moisture, so you’ll stay dry and feel fresh for longer.
  • Antimicrobial ‒ the fabric’s construction helps to prevent a buildup of bacteria and means you won’t have to worry about lingering smells.
  • Super absorbent ‒ the third layer is completely absorbent, offering the wearer protection for up to four tampons’ worth of flow (or even five if you’re looking at buying from our FLUX Night™ range).
  • Leakproof ‒ the final layer keeps our period panties breathable and means you’re reducing the risk of leaks, even on heavy periods.

How do you take care of period panties?

Even taking care of your underwear will be a breeze when you switch to period panties! All you’ll need to do is put them in the wash (on the colder, gentler side if you’re worried about damage) and then hang them up to dry when you’re done. You might also think about pre-soaking them in cold water to get things started off, or completely hand-washing them with a mild detergent.

Don’t try putting your panties in a tumble dryer, as this will damage them. Always make sure they’re hanging up to dry properly. Our own period pants are designed to last for about three years and shouldn’t need replacing before then, but if you ever need to for any reason we also offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Are there benefits to wearing period panties?

Where do we even begin with the benefits of switching to period panties? You’ll find so many that it’s difficult to know where to start!

Beginning a little closer to you and your everyday life, the first thing you’ll benefit from with these undies is a more comfortable period every month. No more having to switch out itchy, badly-aligned, or improperly inserted pads or tampons. All you’ll do is pop on a new pair and you’re ready to carry on with your day!

Because you’re switching between clean pairs you already own, you’ll also be saving money from your budget that you might’ve otherwise spent on disposable products. This cuts the amount you spend per cycle from £3.74 on average to £1.66 ‒ that’s less than half!

From here, you can get on to benefits for the bigger environmental picture. By keeping a set of period panties and replacing all your disposable products with them, you could be cutting your hygiene waste by as much as 99.5%!

With up to 4.3 billion disposable products being used in the UK every year (and 700,000 of these ending up in sewage systems instead of the bin), every switch to a sustainable set of period underwear helps. And, as conventional disposable products usually contain a lot of plastic, you’ll be keeping the land and seas clean, as well as yourself.

Make a change to your time of the month

Now you know everything you need to know about period panties, and you can see how making a change every month could keep you comfortable and be better for the environment at the same time!

But we do also understand that it can be a big leap to switch from one particular product to panties right away. So, why not start things off slow, and test out some pairs for one cycle at home to see how you like them?

By trying out our period panties, you might just find the most comfortable way to spend a more delicate couple of days in your month.